About Celebrate Bainbridge Island

A Yearly Multi-Day Series of Events

Photo by Keith Brofsky

Return of the Celebration!

Celebrating the Fourth of July with epic events has been a long standing tradition on Bainbridge Island. It's a huge community event that builds community and joy for locals and visitors alike.

Celebrate Bainbridge is the name for the collective events that occur during the days up to and including the Fourth of July each year. It is an effort coordinated by multiple local organizations including:

  • Bainbridge Downtown Organization
  • Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Bainbridge
  • Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island

Interested in learning more about this event? Please contact info@bainbridgedowntown.org


Interested in volunteering for the festivities? These events happen with a dedicated group of volunteers - please join us if you can!

Volunteer for the 2024 July 3rd Street Dance! 

Volunteer for the Grand Old Fourth!

Volunteer for the Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale!

Volunteer for the Fun Run!